Introductory Pilates

60 mins

A blend of classic & contemporary Pilates mat exercises with a strong focus on alignment, breath, and flexibility. Clients feel lengthened & toned post session. Props include resistance bands & I/O ball.


Introductory RMT

60 mins

Rotational movement training utilizing the RMT club mixed with heart pumping cardio intervals, this sweaty workout is driven by fun beats and encouraging coaching. Clients feel energized & sweaty post session.




Master Class

90 mins

Contemporary, jazz, modern fusion class that begins with a thorough strength building warmup, transitions to progressions across the floor and improvisation, concluding with choreography.



Price varies
$350 +

National award winning choreography set on studios and public high schools nationwide. Price varies on size of ensemble.



60 mins

Get the judge’s perspective to take your competition routine to the next level.