Decades of Movement Research

Currently based out of New York City, I am an artist and athlete interested in maximizing performance. Certified and insured, I am an experienced movement specialist trained in Pilates, martial arts, yoga, and various forms of dance.


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As a fellow dancer, Sarah really knows how to lead a class and what the proper form should be. She held a positive energy throughout the whole class, smiling even when we were all giving her death glares for the exercises. I appreciated her friendliness and strong attention to detail.
— Sammy Wong, US National Pole Champion
The teacher Sarah Starkweather was fabulous. I arrived a few minutes late (eek) and she helped me set up quickly and even took the time to inquire about injuries. This class was barefoot, but there was still a bit of jumping, which I’m not ready for. But Sarah helped me modify. It was a unique and solid workout.
— Nicole Haber, Fitness Blogger
The Cut class taught by Sarah started exactly on time [. . .] Sarah encouraged us with her bubbly mannerisms and voice. She was extremely engaging. The 45 minute class was fun and challenging.
— Equinox Member




To be frank, neat, and uncomplicated while providing exceptional coaching tailored to your specific needs.

About Me


Originally from Houston, Texas, Sarah has been living in New York City since 2014. Sarah is a dance educator and coach with over ten years of national experience. Sarah is currently a Principal Dancer & Teaching Artist for Amanda Selwyn Dance Theatre & Notes in Motion Outreach Dance Theatre and teaches Pilates, barre, and kickboxing for Equinox. Sarah is a recipient of the Equinox GFI Award of Excellence, and is recognized as being one of the top fifty group fitness instructors in the world. Sarah has worked with choreographers such as Jennifer Archibald, Amanda Selwyn, Mitzi Adams, Ashle Dawson, Ashley Tate and Liz Imperio. Sarah is passionate about meditation, plant based cooking, and reproductive rights.





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